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Exploring The Benefits And Opportunities Of Solid Beauty Products

The world of solid beauty products has come a long way from the humble bar of soap. Thanks to innovations in formulation and application methods and a growing eco-conscious consumer base, this category is waking up from its slumber.

According to Anna Keller, senior global analyst of beauty and personal care at market research firm Mintel, the interest in solid beauty products has returned in tandem with the surge in sustainable product claims and waste reduction. Sales of prestige skincare in solid formats, such as bars and sticks, were valued at around $3 million in the 12 months ending March 2022, with solid facial cleanser sales increasing by 15% during that period.Solid beauty products go beyond cleansers. They now include moisturizing bars, serums, shampoos, conditioners, and perfumes, showcasing the expanding potential of this category.In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of solid beauty products, explore the opportunities within this category, discuss marketing and formulation challenges faced by brands entering the solid arena, and take a glimpse into its future

Solid Beauty Benefits

  1. Environmental Friendliness: Solid beauty products have a smaller environmental footprint compared to their liquid counterparts. They come in compact, solid formats and contain little to no water, which is especially important given the global issue of water scarcity.
  1. Portability: These products are highly portable and travel-friendly due to their small size and minimal packaging. They generate fewer emissions, making them a sustainable choice for on-the-go consumers.
  1. Reduced Packaging: Solid beauty products typically have less packaging, with many options using recyclable materials like cardboard or tin containers. This reduction in packaging waste aligns with sustainability goals.

The Evolution Of Solid Beauty Products

Technological advancements have breathed new life into the solid beauty space. Innovations such as micro encapsulation, solid dispersion technology, and extraction technology have improved the performance and efficacy of solid beauty products. These innovations allow for a better delivery of active ingredients to the skin, making solid serums and other products more effective.

The choice of technology depends on the product’s purpose, ingredient selection, and formulation method, making it essential for brands to choose the right manufacturing partner that aligns with their product vision.

How Brands Can Branch Into The Solid Beauty Space

The solid beauty category offers versatility and room for innovation. Brands can explore product options like water-free exfoliating bars, solid shampoos and conditioners, and multifunctional products. Incorporating features like massaging nubs or long-lasting fragrances can enhance consumer appeal.

Moreover, brands can reimagine existing products as solid alternatives. This approach can lead to the creation of unique, sustainable, and multifunctional offerings.

Getting Customers On Board With Solid Beauty

While solid beauty products offer numerous advantages, consumer adoption has been slower due to established habits and formulation challenges. Brands need to educate consumers through social media, websites, and clear packaging instructions on product usage and storage.

Emphasizing the sustainability angle, including minimal packaging and lower emissions, can appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, especially Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

Case Study: Ember Wellness

Ember Wellness, a brand that ventured into the solid beauty space, identified a niche market for facial and décolletage solid beauty products. They introduced products like the Sculpt & Glow Bar, incorporating shimmer with mica for added allure.

Education played a crucial role in consumer acceptance, with clear instructions on usage and storage provided on packaging. Social media content showcased unique ways to use the product, making it more approachable for consumers.

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Solid beauty products are experiencing a resurgence, driven by environmental concerns, innovation, and consumer interest. Brands can seize the opportunities within this category by creating sustainable, multifunctional, and user-friendly products. Educating consumers about the benefits of solid beauty and addressing their needs will be key to its continued growth.


This blog post provides an overview of the benefits and opportunities in the solid beauty products category. For a deeper dive into this subject, including formulation details and marketing strategies, please refer to the attached PDF.

Please contact us for more details, whether you are looking for a new addition to an existing brand or a full conceptual range, our experts are here for you.

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