Repairing Retinoate

Are you looking to capitalize on the retinol trend but have not found a formula that adapts to all skin types? Europelab has perfected two Retoinate formulas that are multi-functional for all skin types including sensitive skin. The Serum and Cream are ultra lightweight and can be used on their own at night or layered. Retinoate is a molecule that is the product of combining retinol with retinoic acid. This offers a more stable and more effective form of Retinol. [...]

Sustainability in beauty. Ingredients Sourcing to product packaging

Earth Day is every day we inhabit this beautiful planet and is always at the forefront of everything we put into practice. Sustainability should be the primary driving force behind each product that is formulated and launched to market.  A holistic approach to skincare production is more than a no-brainer today is essential. Manufacturing formulation is the starting point for sustainable practices. To be sure that your skincare follows the best practice in terms of sustainability you should ask the [...]

Glow With Our Winter Skin Care Formulas!

This is a fact, not all skin care is created equal. Trust our expertise in how to prevent and treat dry winter skin conditions. Our now well-renowned go-to glow formulas can be found in our Classic Collection. Brimming with ceramides, anti oxidants, hyaluronic acid and essential fatty acids our formulas repair and replenish the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin. You can find these innovate and trendy formulas in the following 3-step winter glow protocol that can be recommended as a [...]

Sustainability in Skincare – Be at the Forefront

It is no secret that the beauty industry has a high carbon footprint and impact on our planet!  Once considered a trend, sustainability in today’s climate is becoming a requirement. Brands have to look beyond the primary product packaging, but more so, considering every level of the supply chain including the sourcing of sustainable, fair trade raw materials going into the creation of their skincare or personal care products. Indie beauty brands were amongst the first to push towards cleaner, [...]

Discover our Organic In-Stock Collection

Europelab is known as an industry leader that you can trust with all your private labeling project needs. Our lab is GMP certified by Health Canada and we are also certified and audited twice a year by ECOCERT Greenlife, known as the highest benchmark in organic cosmetic certification worldwide. Our formulas have made us a favorite amongst those looking to start their own organic skin care and or personal care Line. We create some of the most cost effective, [...]

Introducing Three Personal Care Formulas to the In-Stock Collection

Whether you are looking for private labeling opportunities for your online retail business, clinic or spa, Europelab Laboratory has over 30 years of expertise in formulating premium skin care products. As the largest manufacturer of Ecocert® organic certified formulations in North America, you can certify your formulas COSMOS® ORGANIC, the highest standard of organic manufacturing available in the cosmetic industry. Ecocert® Greenlife is today recognized in over 130 countries. Europelab offers you the safety, security and expertise you are looking for. [...]

A Risk Free Entrance Into The Market

A Risk Free Entrance Into The Market

In the skin care industry, building a brand name is not easy. Private label skin care products offer a risk free entrance into the market. For those wanting to become a part of the promising skin care industry, private label skin care products offer a tried and tested path to success.