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Consultancy Services

Empower your brand with expert guidance. Take the leap towards growth and prosperity with Europelab as your trusted partner!

We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges

Embarking on the journey of opening your own business, developing innovative products, or scaling your existing skincare brand brings forth a series of distinctive challenges

Developing your own skincare line or innovating and expanding your existing product range is a meticulous journey. Careful consideration in defining the scope of your target market’s needs and preferences can be the determining factor in a successful launch.

From researching and selecting the right ingredients to developing effective marketing strategies, turning your passion for skincare into a successful venture involves surrounding yourself with the right strategic minds.

Curating formulations that align with your customers’ needs while meeting regulatory standards requires industry experienced formulators and regulatory officers to help you navigate these two spheres

Creating a compelling brand story, image and developing a marketing strategy that stands out in a crowded marketplace demands creativity and insight.

From adapting to disruptive market shifts and maintaining an innovative edge to scaling up operations and managing regulatory intricacies, Europelab’s brand partners have a diverse array of needs that require adept navigation, support and plan-to-actions.

Europelab’s brand partners journey to growth requires partners that can understand their pain points and can quickly turn a problem into an opportunity.

how can we help?

Embark on the exciting journey of establishing or scaling your skincare business with confidence. The path to crafting your own skincare business is rich with possibilities, accompanied by its unique set of hurdles. At Europelab, we stand ready to provide bespoke solutions and steadfast support, guiding you through these challenges with empathy and expertise.

Realizing your dream of turning your passion for skincare into a flourishing business is within reach.

Guided by our consultancy services, consider us your unwavering compass, skillfully navigating challenges and supporting you in forging a skincare brand that doesn’t just meet competition but surges ahead. From formulation to branding, compliance to marketing, we remain committed allies at every milestone of your skincare journey. Our commitment is to ensure that your vision takes center stage in the realm of skincare entrepreneurship.

Europelab becomes your trusted companion, transforming every challenge into a steppingstone to elevating your skincare business. Our tailor-made solutions empower you to make informed, strategic choices that resonate with your brand’s essence. This alignment with your brand’s vision empowers you to confidently navigate the journey and thrive in the dynamic world of skincare.

Product Development & Formulation

From concept to creation, our experts turn your ideas into reality. Elevate your product line with innovative formulations that deliver exceptional results.

Product Innovation

Stay ahead of the competition with our forward-thinking approach to product development. Unleash your brand’s potential with cutting-edge innovations that captivate your audience.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigate complex regulations with ease. Our team ensures your products meet all necessary requirements, giving you peace of mind and a seamless market entry.

Product Knowledge & Education

Empower your team with in-depth product knowledge. Through tailored training, we equip your staff with the expertise to confidently represent your brand and engage customers effectively.

Branding & Packaging

Make a lasting impression on your customers with captivating branding and packaging solutions. Elevate your brand’s visual identity and create a unique, memorable presence in the market.

The Experts

meet our experts!

Manon Pilon Co-Owner Derme&Co and Head of R&D

Manon Pilon

Co-Owner Derme&Co and Head of R&D

Sara Turchetta VP Europelab Private Label Divison of Derme&Co

Sara Turchetta

VP Europelab Private Label Divison of Derme&Co

Jennifer Brodeur Owner and CEO of JB Skin Guru Inc and brand founder of JB Skin Savvi

Jennifer Brodeur

Owner and CEO of JB Skin Guru Inc and brand founder of JB Skin Savvi

Tracy Italiano DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION at Derme&Co.

Tracy Italiano

Director Of Education At Derme&Co.

Chantal Bolduc Business Consultant

Chantal Bolduc

Business Consultant

Samuel Griffin Founder and Creative Producer of Griffin & Company

Samuel Griffin

Founder and Creative Producer of Griffin & Company

Laura Ashley Art Director

Laura Ashley

Art Director

Our Testimonials

europelab reviews stars

I discovered Europelab at a trade show recommended to me by a friend. I am so glad I went because I met the team there and told them of all of my “crazy” ideas and they listened. Not only did they listen but they were willing to go on a journey with me to create something totally unique in the beauty space. Many formulators and labs will not look at an entrepreneur starting in this industry because they are taking a gamble, spending time and money on development that will potentially amount to nothing. But Sara and the team at Europelab believed in my vision and began in earnest to develop these unique products. Not only did they develop everything exactly as I had envisioned, but they did so in a timely manner, asking for feedback at every turn. Their responsiveness is unparalleled in the industry, and the support and belief in what we are trying to do (be a leader in solid beauty using low ingredient profiles) is incredible. They have gone above and beyond in championing me and my brand and for that I am truly grateful. I see them more as a partner than a vendor. The fact that they focus on organic and sustainable ingredients and are COSMOS certified makes the decision to continue to work with them a no brainer.

Amanda Schule, Founder Ember Wellness Corp.
europelab reviews stars

Europelab is the contract manufacturer for you if you’re a brand with HIGH standards. We met EuropeLab at a tradeshow and knew almost instantly that they were a fit upon speaking with Tracy. It was clear our ethos were aligned in that we want to provide people with efficacious products that don’t harm the planet or any of its beings in the process. We met many labs that, frankly, felt slimy, but with Europelab’s stringent ethics, and COSMOS certification, the guess-work was eliminated and we could freely focus on getting the absolute best formulas into the hands of our diverse customers. We’re grateful for the expertise Manon so eloquently shares with us, as well as Sara , along with her guidance and that of her team.We can’t imagine working with another lab– thanks for being our partner on this often challenging journey, Europelab.

Peter Clarkson, Co-founder of Protéger.
europelab reviews stars

In 2016, *JB SKINSAVVI* set out on its adventure, beginning with a modest array of lab options. Our crowning moment was when we earned a spot in Oprah’s Favorite Things. As the years rolled on, my ambition to refine our formulations and attain the prestigious COSMOS certification never wavered, even though the path often seemed challenging. Meeting the team at Europelab was a game changer—their unwavering support became our beacon, guiding us whenever uncertainties arose. Now, with every SKU refreshed, we are rolling them out one by one. The feelings of pride and fatigue coexist, but given a chance, I’d embrace this journey all over again.

Jennifer Brodeur, JB Skin Savvi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ’s below, please do not hesistate to contact us. One of our consultants will be happy to assist you!

What role does transparency in ingredient sourcing and product formulation play in consumer education and brand loyalty?2023-09-04T13:12:09+00:00

Transparency builds trust. Clearly communicate your ingredient sourcing practices, formulation techniques, and any certifications, demonstrating your commitment to quality and integrity.

Do you provide guidance on communicating complex skincare concepts in a simple and engaging manner to consumers?2023-09-04T13:11:07+00:00

Absolutely, we specialize in translating intricate skincare concepts into relatable, engaging content that resonates with your target audience.

How can I use educational content to build trust with consumers and establish authority within the skincare industry?2023-09-04T13:10:11+00:00

By consistently sharing well-researched educational content, you position your brand as a reliable source of skincare knowledge, establishing credibility and fostering consumer trust.

Are there best practices for training sales staff to provide accurate information to customers regarding skincare products?2023-09-04T13:09:03+00:00

Yes, regular training sessions on product knowledge, ingredient benefits, and common customer questions will empower your sales staff to provide accurate and helpful information.

What strategies can I implement to effectively educate consumers about the proper usage and benefits of my skincare products?2023-09-04T13:08:03+00:00

Develop clear usage instructions, create engaging educational content, and encourage customer feedback to address concerns and highlight the benefits of consistent product use.

Can you assist in creating educational content for consumers, such as blog posts or videos explaining the science behind our products?2023-09-04T13:07:01+00:00

Absolutely, we offer content creation services to explain complex skincare concepts in an accessible manner, helping consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Do you offer training sessions or workshops to enhance our understanding of skincare product components and their benefits?2023-09-04T13:05:49+00:00

Yes, we provide tailored training sessions and workshops that cover ingredient science, formulation strategies, and the benefits these components offer to the skin.

What resources can I access to stay updated on the latest advancements in skincare technology and ingredients?2023-09-04T13:04:55+00:00

Stay connected with industry publications, research journals, online forums, and academic resources that discuss emerging trends, ingredient studies, and technological breakthroughs.

How can I educate myself and my team about the science behind skincare ingredients and formulations?2023-09-04T13:03:30+00:00

You can attend industry conferences, enroll in skincare formulation courses, and collaborate with experts to deepen your understanding of ingredients, formulation techniques, and their effects on the skin.

Why is having in-depth product knowledge important for skincare businesses?2023-09-04T13:02:35+00:00

In-depth product knowledge instills confidence in your customers, enables effective communication about your products, and fosters trust, which is crucial for building long-term relationships.

Do you offer insights on packaging materials that help preserve the efficacy and shelf life of my products?2023-09-04T13:01:09+00:00

Absolutely, we provide guidance on selecting packaging materials that protect products from light, air, and contamination, which can extend shelf life and maintain efficacy.

What information should be included on skincare product packaging to meet regulatory requirements?2023-09-04T13:00:00+00:00

Include the product name, ingredients (in INCI format), usage instructions, precautions, manufacturer’s information, and batch/lot number for traceability.

Are there sustainable packaging options that align with environmentally-conscious values?2023-09-04T12:58:58+00:00

Yes, eco-friendly packaging options include recyclable materials, minimalist designs to reduce waste, and refillable containers, all of which resonate with environmentally-conscious consumers.

How can I design packaging that reflects the essence of my brand and appeals to consumers?2023-09-04T12:57:55+00:00

Collaborate with designers to create packaging that visually communicates your brand’s values, key benefits, and the experience consumers can expect from your products.

What role does packaging design play in the success of skincare products?2023-09-04T12:56:46+00:00

Packaging design is critical for creating a first impression, conveying brand identity, and influencing purchasing decisions. It also protects the product and enhances user experience.

Are there guidelines to follow when making skincare product claims in marketing materials?2023-09-04T12:55:31+00:00

Absolutely, adhere to truth-in-advertising standards. Ensure claims are backed by scientific evidence and avoid overpromising results beyond what your products can realistically deliver.

What online platforms and social media channels are most suitable for promoting skincare products?2023-09-04T12:54:40+00:00

Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest are popular for skincare promotion due to their visual nature and engagement potential.

How do I navigate influencer collaborations and partnerships in the skincare industry?2023-09-04T12:53:48+00:00

Research and choose influencers aligned with your brand’s values and audience. Develop authentic partnerships that showcase genuine product experiences to their followers.

Can you assist with creating a marketing plan that targets my specific audience and demographics?2023-09-04T12:52:53+00:00

Yes, we offer customized marketing plans tailored to your target audience, taking into account demographics, preferences, and behavior patterns.

What are effective marketing strategies for promoting skincare products both online and offline?2023-09-04T12:51:32+00:00

Combine a strong online presence with social media marketing, influencer partnerships, content marketing, and offline events to reach a broader audience and build brand awareness.

Do you provide guidance on creating a consistent brand image across packaging, online presence, and marketing materials?2023-09-04T11:18:33+00:00

Absolutely, we assist in maintaining a cohesive brand image across all touchpoints to establish recognition and trust.

What strategies can I use to differentiate my skincare brand from competitors in a crowded market?2023-09-04T11:16:04+00:00

Focus on unique selling points, such as innovative ingredients, product efficacy, sustainability efforts, and exceptional customer experiences.

Can you help me create a brand story that resonates with my target audience?2023-09-04T10:39:17+00:00

Yes, we work with you to develop a compelling brand narrative that connects emotionally with your audience and showcases your mission and values.

What factors should I consider when naming my skincare brand and individual products?2023-09-04T10:38:23+00:00

Names should be unique, easy to remember, reflect your brand identity, and ideally convey the product’s benefits.

How can I develop a strong and memorable brand identity for my skincare products?2023-09-04T10:32:03+00:00

Craft a brand story that resonates with your audience, design a distinct visual identity, and ensure your values align with your brand’s message.

What steps should I take if there are changes to regulations that affect my existing skincare product line?2023-09-04T09:30:31+00:00

Stay updated on regulatory changes and assess how they impact your products. Adjust formulations, labeling, and claims accordingly to ensure ongoing compliance.

Can you guide me through the process of obtaining necessary approvals or certifications for international markets?2023-09-04T09:29:23+00:00

Absolutely, we provide assistance in navigating international regulations, obtaining necessary approvals (like EU Cosmetics Regulation), and acquiring certifications required for specific markets.

What documentation is needed to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of my skincare products to regulatory agencies?2023-09-04T09:28:08+00:00

Comprehensive safety assessments, stability testing, and efficacy studies should be conducted. Collect and organize this data to create a Product Information File (PIF) for regulatory submissions.

Are there specific labeling requirements for skincare products, including ingredients, usage instructions, and potential allergens?2023-09-04T09:26:24+00:00

Yes, skincare products must include a list of ingredients (INCI names), usage instructions, warnings, and allergen information. Ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

How do I ensure that my skincare products comply with FDA or other relevant regulatory standards?2023-09-04T09:25:16+00:00

Thoroughly review and adhere to the FDA’s Cosmetic Labeling Guide and other relevant guidelines. Work with experts to ensure accurate ingredient listings, claims, and safety assessments.

What regulations and guidelines should I be aware of when launching skincare products?2023-09-04T09:22:46+00:00

Each country has its own laws and regulations when it comes to product registration. These regulations cover ingredient safety, labeling requirements, and product claims.

What role does sustainability play in skincare product development, and how can I incorporate eco-friendly practices?2023-09-04T09:00:10+00:00

Sustainability is vital. We guide you in choosing sustainable ingredients, minimizing packaging waste, and adopting eco-friendly manufacturing practices to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Can you assist with creating custom skincare formulations tailored to specific skin types or concerns?2023-09-04T08:59:13+00:00

Yes, our consultancy provides expertise in formulating customized skincare products that address individual skin types and concerns.

Are there any regulatory considerations when developing specialized skincare products, such as anti-aging or acne treatments?2023-09-04T08:57:47+00:00

Yes, specialized products may be subject to specific regulatory requirements based on their intended use and claims. Thoroughly research and comply with these regulations.

How do I balance innovation with cost-effectiveness during the product development process?2023-09-04T08:55:56+00:00

Prioritize essential innovation that aligns with consumer needs while optimizing formulation costs and considering scalable manufacturing methods.

What testing methods should be conducted to validate the performance of skincare products?2023-09-04T08:54:59+00:00

Testing could include clinical trials, patch testing, consumer perception studies, and dermatologist evaluations to provide data-backed evidence of product efficacy.

What steps should I take to ensure the safety and efficacy of my skincare products during development?2023-09-04T08:54:01+00:00

Conduct comprehensive stability and compatibility testing, microbial challenge testing, and efficacy studies to validate the performance and safety of your products.

How can I incorporate natural or organic ingredients into my skincare formulations?2023-09-04T08:53:04+00:00

Research suitable natural ingredients, ensure their compatibility and efficacy, and consider certifications for organic claims.

What are the current skincare trends that I should consider when developing new products?2023-09-04T08:52:08+00:00

Trends may include clean and natural ingredients, sustainable packaging, personalized skincare, and products targeting specific concerns like pollution protection or digital aging.

How can I formulate a unique and effective skincare product that stands out in the market?2023-09-04T08:50:29+00:00

Focus on innovative ingredient combinations, advanced delivery systems, and addressing specific skincare concerns with evidence-backed formulations.

What does the product development process in the skincare industry entail?2023-09-04T08:49:20+00:00

Product development involves idea generation, formulation, testing, refinement, and scaling up of skincare products while considering market trends and consumer needs.

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