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In order to help you streamline the process of choosing your manufacturing partner, we have put together a thorough list of questions that are most often asked by our clients from our turnkey solutions to regulatory requirements.

Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ’s below, please do not hesistate to contact us. One of our consultants will be happy to assist you!

Is Europelab legally responsible for my chosen brand name and/or product names?2021-10-30T00:31:24+00:00

No. The client is responsible to ensure that they are within the laws and regulations regarding cosmetic labeling. The client must also ensure that their brand name and/or product names are not trademarked by another company.

Do I need insurance to sell my skincare and or personal care products?2024-02-15T18:33:28+00:00

Yes, in order to legally sell your skincare or personal care products under your brand, you will need to contact your insurance company. Furthermore, you can obtain insurance proof of our laboratory by asking your account manager in order to submit to your insurance provider if required.

Am I required to do stability tests on my custom formulas and if yes, what are the delays?2021-10-30T00:11:23+00:00

Yes. Stability tests are mandatory and fees apply per formula. Results from the stability test are usually received within three (3) to four (4) months.

When can I expect to launch my custom/personalized product line?2021-10-30T00:07:06+00:00

Depending on the type of formulas and other variables of the process, launching can vary between (6) months to one (1) year. In some cases, longer.

Other than skin care formulations, do you formulate other types of products?2021-10-30T00:05:18+00:00

Yes. Although we specialize in skin care formulations, we do formulate other product categories including but not limited to, Body Care, Baby care, Feminine and Hygiene Care, Outdoor Care, Sun Protection, Fragrances.

Can you prepare the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) forms for me?2021-10-30T00:03:23+00:00

Yes. Our consultants can prepare the Material Safety Data Sheet forms required. A fee will apply per product formula. A delay of 10 Business days required once request is submitted.

What can cause delivery delays?2021-10-30T00:40:05+00:00

All orders with an order quantity that is superior to 36 units per SKU may experience some delays.

Can I have my products boxed for retail?2021-10-30T00:38:47+00:00

Yes. Ask one of our consultants for a quote. Additional fees will apply.

What is the delay to silk-screen my packaging?2021-10-30T00:37:37+00:00

Once the proofs are approved and the payment is received, there is a minimum 4-8-week delay for the silk-screening process. Once completed, the product filling process will begin.

Is silk-screening available for my packaging?2021-10-30T00:33:16+00:00

Yes, silk-screening is available however, additional fees will apply and a certain minimum per sku is required. Contact one of our consultants for more information.

What is the minimum order for each item?2021-10-30T00:15:10+00:00

Depending on the formula collection you select from within our Turnkey Solution, a minimum opening order can range from $3000-$20,000. Reorder minimums can range from 36-100 units per sku depending on the formulas selected and a set up fee may apply per order. Contact one of our consultants for more information.

Are the labels included with the packaging?2021-10-30T00:29:53+00:00

Yes. You may request up to 3 modifications before the approval of your label artwork. A $200 fee per label will apply for any changes made after the approval of proofs.

Does Europelab appear anywhere on the label?2021-10-30T00:28:18+00:00

Europelab will NOT appear anywhere on the label unless you request it.

Can I sell my products in the Canadian and U.S. market?2021-10-30T00:26:56+00:00

Yes you can sell your products in the Canadian and U.S. market however, registration fees will apply.

Can I choose which ingredients to include in my formulas?2021-10-30T00:25:05+00:00

Yes. For custom-made product formulation, there is a (MOQ) of 1,500 units per SKU and a fee ranging from $500 to $2,000 per formula. The fee and MOQ varies based on complexity of formulation and packaging. A deposit of $2,000 will be required.

Do you offer marketing tools?2021-10-30T00:23:32+00:00

We offer a digital marketing tools package with your opening order. For any artwork outside this package, fees will apply.

Can I select packaging other than the one proposed?2021-10-30T00:22:10+00:00

Yes. Research fees will apply and a minimum per SKU is required.

Are your products paraben free?2021-10-30T00:20:39+00:00

Yes. All our formulations are paraben, silicone and mineral oil free. Cleansers are also formulated without sulfates (SLS, SLES).

Can I try products before deciding which ones I want to offer as part of my skin care?2021-10-30T00:18:11+00:00

Absolutely. Contact our consultants to discuss sampling. Ask for the list of our top recommended formulas. You can try our Trial Kits as well.

How long does it take to start my skin care line?2021-10-30T00:16:33+00:00

If you have your own logo and product names, once your labels have been approved and printed, you can receive your skin care line within 10 business days.

Frequently asked questions.
Frequently asked questions.

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