A Guide To Key Certifications & Verifications

Brands are looking for ways to gain credibility and differentiate themselves with the help of to third-party certifications and verifications

At Europelab, our product development projects with brand partners are founded on the principles of efficacy and safety. We prioritize these core values to ensure that our clients’ products meet the highest safety standards, which are often requested by large retailers in the USA, such as Credo and The Detox Market.

We recognize that navigating the world of standards, verifications, and certifications can be overwhelming for both brands and consumers.

That’s why we collaborated with Beauty Independent in putting together this educational guide to review the most popular verifications and certifications on the market, in a simplified and digestible approach. Our goal is to educate brands and consumers, helping them to better understand the difference between a verification and a certification, and identify which ones would align best with their values.

For brands, this guide will serve as a valuable resource to ensure that their products meet the highest safety standards and align with their brand values. On the consumer side, certifications and verifications provide peace of mind and help them make informed decisions about the products they use. By providing education and transparency on these important topics, we hope to create a more informed and confident marketplace for all.

Please be advised that the following guide is only available in English.

Please contact us for more details, whether you are looking for a new addition to an existing brand or a full conceptual range, our experts are here for you.

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