• Crystal Queen - Peels

    Acne Chemical Peel

    This Acne Chemical Peel was designed for oily and impure skin prone to acne. Formulated with A.H.A and B.H.A to perform a medium to deep exfoliation for all Fitzpatrick skins. The beautifully designed formula has antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties to improve the aspect of the skin revealing a healthier, more glowy complexion.

  • Imperial White - Pump

    Acne Cleansing Gel

    The Acne Cleanser is specifically recommended for oily and impure skin prone to acne. Formulated without SLS, this gentle yet effective cleanser designed to remove all impurities. The formula contains a trilogy of ingredients known for their antibacterial, exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties. After 3 weeks of use, the complexion looks visibly clearer and healthier.

  • Imperial White - Twist Pump

    Acne Gel

    The Acne Gel is specifically designed for oily and impure skin prone to acne. The synergy of benzoyl peroxide, zinc PCA and salicylic acid helps eliminate dead cells and normalizing sebaceous secretions. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties reveals a clearer and visibly healthier complexion.

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    Crystal Queen - Oils

    Acne Oil

    Antiseptic · Anti-Inflammatory · Purifies

    This powerful antiseptic oil and essential oil concentrate of tea tree and lavender, controls and limits the spread of bacteria responsible for acne. Soothing, its anti-inflammatory properties helps reduce redness, papules and pustules. For an everyday use. Ideal for acne-prone skin.

  • Imperial White - Spray

    Acne Toner

    Without Alcohol, this treatment is ideal for oily and impure skin prone to acne. Its Soothing and antiseptic properties, helps neutralize and remove all impurities without drying out the skin. This formula helps restore the physiological pH of the skin for a healthy, radiant complexion.

  • Crystal Queen - Peels

    AHA Chemical Peel

    The AHA Chemical Peel was designed for mature skin. Formulated to be a medium to deep chemical exfoliation, a trilogy of naturally derived acids was selected to allow for all Fitzpatrick skins to be treated. The beautifully designed formula will help reduce the appearance of aging skin for a radiant, more youthful complexion.

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    Imperial White - Spray

    AHA Toner

    Astringent · Smoothes · Stimulates

    The AHA Toner is specifically recommended for dull skin lacking radiance. Consisting of moisturizing and soothing agents along with lactic acid, this treatment smoothes the skin’s surface and helps conceal the appearance of imperfections. Without alcohol, it is non- drying and fully respects the hydrolipidic film. The complexion appears brighter and instantly more even.

  • Classic Collection

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    Imperial White - Pump

    Cleansing Gel

    Bacteriostatic · Cleanses · Normalizes

    This gentle foaming gel effectively cleanses the skin of impurities while respecting its hydrolipidic film. Formulated from prebiotics and Zinc PCA , it restores the balance of the skin’s beneficial microbial flora and normalizes surface sebum. Upon the first use, skin is immediately fresher and cleaner . Its formula is absent of aggressive surfactants ( SLS ) and therefore does not cause irritations and is perfect for sensitive skin.

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    Imperial White - Pump

    Cleansing Milk

    Cleanses · Removes makeup · Refreshes

    This creamy cleansing milk helps to gently cleanse the skin of all impurities and remove all traces of makeup. Its floral waters complex has decongesting and astringent properties offering a sensation of freshness and lightness to the skin. Recommended for all skin types, this milk respects the physiological pH of the skin.

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    Imperial White - Twist Pump

    Eye Contour Cream

    Smoothes · Hydrates · Decongests

    This corrective cream is a must for devitalized skin combating the signs of aging. Rich in Hyaluronic acid and biopeptides,  it intensely moisturizes the eye contour and smoothes out wrinkles . Balances the micro-circulation, this treatment reduces dark circles and the appearance of puffiness. In 4 week, the eye contour is enhanced and more youthful.

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    Imperial White -Airless Pump

    Firming Cream

    Firms · Lifts · Tones

    This firming cream is specifically designed for sagging skin lacking tone and collagen. Its plumping, lifting and firming actives, rebuilds the entire architecture of the dermis providing a firmer and more toned skin. Ideal to reshape the face, stimulating treatment providing an immediate long-lasting lifting effect.