Our frenemie, the sun. On the one hand the sun is the essential source of energy, warmth and life on our planet. On the other hand, along with its life giving rays, UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause premature aging and inflammation. This damage is the leading cause of photo-aging responsible for collagen degradation and glycation, UV induced hyper-pigmentation, and further aggravating symptoms of rosacea.

From a formulation stand point, it is essential to choose the right type of Broad Spectrum SPF or Sun Protection Factor as they are not all equal. Sunscreen ingredients are classified to either protect from UVA or UVB rays or Broad-Spectrum, which provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

In noting market trends, consumers are looking for SPF solutions that offer a variety of benefits in one product. When we look at the tinted SPF market here are the current available options:

  • BB: Blemish Balms tinted moisturizers
  • CC: Color Correcting for uneven skin tone
  • DD: Daily Defense. Do it all with skincare benefits higher level SPF and actives
  • EE: Extra Exfoliation, include ingredients that help to exfoliate the skin.

The Future: we present you the FF Cream – Fabulously Flawless!

Europelab is thrilled to launch 2 Elegant and Effective Tinted SPF formulas that will bring your collection to the next level.

The SPF market has experienced a renaissance recently with newer ingredients and formulations from translucent to multi functional active ingredients. Europelab is thrilled to launch 2 elegant and effective Tinted SPF formulas that will bring your collection to the next level.

The Europelab advantage is in the functional synergy of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich actives to protect, hydrate smooth, and sooth the skin. Our power packed formulas provide 7 key benefits that has instantly become an insider favorite!

  1. Hydrating benefits of aloe, glycerin and HA
  2. Rich in antioxidants including microencapsulated patented Vitamin C and a unique complex of Camelia Sinensis and Coffee to further protect the skin from environmental aggressors.
  3. Peptides, such as Acmella Oleracea to smooth muscle contractions and minimize fine lines
  4. Prebiotics, such as inulin, to rebalance the skins microflora (microbiome)
  5. Brightening properties with Strawberry extract and patented Glycogen
  6. Mattifying benefits with Zinc PCA
  7. Broad spectrum Mineral SPF Protection against UVA, UVB rays

Europelab is proud to offer Biodegradable, eco-responsible and hypoallergenic sunscreen formulas that are safe for you, your family and our waterways. Trust Europelab and its expertise in formulating award winning. SPF’s that are good for your skin and good for the planet.

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