Are your formulas skin friendly?

Did you know that the skins hydro lipidic barrier and microbiome play an integral roll in our skin immunity and over all health? Looking to develop a skin care line, try out the latest skin friendly formulas from Europelab!

The health and balance of the skin’s protective barrier is an essential factor to consider in order to successfully manage and prevent dry, sensitive and even acne prone skin conditions. Todays consumers are very aware of potentially sensitizing ingredients commonly found on the market today. The are informed and are looking for adapted products to avoid common irritants such as sulfates and parabens.

With decades of experience, research and development our formulas focus on the health of the skin and results. Today consumers want products that are formulated with this in mind. Ensuring your clients that your formulas are adapted will not only increase brand confidence but align your brand with the latest in skin science.

Trust EuropeLab to level up your formulas, increase loyalty and overall results! Healthy skin starts with adapted cleansing! Choose from our variety of microbiome friendly cleansers and toners to start the new year off right! Our favorite dynamic duo for daily cleansing is very versatile and will adjust to all skin types and conditions:

Organic Foaming Cleanser is our next generation sulfate free cleanser for the face and eyes, it contains gentle surfactants from sustainably sourced coconut extract, White Willow to exfoliate and deep cleanse and Glactoarbinan to rebalance the skins hydro lipidic barrier.

Organic pH Toner is an anti inflammatory essence for the skin that imparts brightening and soothing actives of Licorice, White willow and Bearberry leaf extract. Refreshes the skin instantly and doubles as an makeup setting spray.

Contact us today to discover our innovative skin friendly formulas that will attract this niche market!

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