A New Niche Market: Feminine Wellness

Are you looking to expand your line and offer innovative niche formulas?

With wellness becoming more of a focus globally, it gives us the opportunity to explore new and innovative product categories. As we look forward anticipating to the growing demands of knowledgeable consumers, innovative product formulations, ingredients and security are at the forefront of the changing consumer and market landscape. In the wake of this growing demand, new and exciting niche markets have emerged.

While we may claim that our industry is all about this holistic approach, we’ve overlooked the importance of women’s wellness as a necessary category for far too long. It’s about time that our industry starts educating consumers about the importance of women’s wellness and offers a truly global approach to self-care. As we look at conventional product categories, feminine care formulations are few and far between. Most brands’ focus is primarily on the best-sellers such as cleansers, toner, serums and moisturizing creams for the face and for the body. Rarely do we see safe, effective, luxury organic products designed and adapted for women’s wellness. With more research on our body’s microbiome and its role in our skin acid mantle and more specifically vaginal pH, many consumers are looking at their products to be tailored to their individual needs.

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Europelab offers a bespoke collection of cleansers, moisturizers that contain beneficial prebiotics and postbiotics specifically curated for the needs of women. Book a consultation today to explore our custom formulations and mention feminine wellness to receive a complimentary gift!

Be the next brand to disrupt the status quo by taking the bold step to offer clean, effective and innovative product formulations that are orientated towards women’s health and elevating how we look at sexual wellness and feminine hygiene.

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