Independent beauty interview with Sara Turchetta


Independent beauty interview with Sara Turchetta

What sets spa-grade products apart from mass market skincare?

With the rise of private labeling and emerging skincare brands, we have witnessed firsthand, how mass market brands especially in the high-end organic space are selecting manufacturing partners with a proven track record in the professional skincare and personal care industry and to offer products that are safe and results-oriented to their consumer base.

Our laboratory has been delivering professional spa grade formulas for decades and continues to set the bar higher when it comes to result-orientated formulas. As a leading skincare manufacturer, we invest in technology and R&D to bring to market innovative, exclusive, and coveted product categories such as personal care, feminine hygiene, and baby & mommy products. From the stringent selection of active ingredients and percentages used, how the actives are delivered, and safety testing, our formulas cater to the knowledgeable consumer who is looking for efficacy and sustainability along with the benefits of current market trends.


Why consider Europelab as your manufacturing partner?

We are GMP certified this ensures the strictest manufacturing standards and includes the traceability of raw materials, storage, and the safety of finished products.

We are an FDA approved site.

We are the largest laboratory certified COSMOS ORGANIC by EcoCert Greenlife – the highest benchmark in organic certification recognized in over 130 countries worldwide.

We are members of Cosmetic Alliance, an association founded in 1928 for members who manufacture, distribute and supply skincare and or personal care products.

We have experienced professional consultants to guide your project from conception, regulatory affairs, registrations to market-ready with in-stock go-to formulas or custom bespoke formulations.

Something to consider when creating your own brand is how to best leverage turnkey solutions

Often times, businesses interested in developing their skincare or personal care line tend to initially dismiss in stock turnkey solutions as of fear of not being ‘unique’ but after proper consult realize that capitalizing on this option can strategically lay the groundwork in building a sustainable skincare business and optimizing their ROI, especially when you factor in our current competitive landscape and level of risk involved in launching a new skincare line.

3 key leverage factors considering our in-stock turn key solutions:

  1. High-end proven formulas that are backed up by years of R&D investment and have gone through all required testing regarding; stability, safety, and performance.
  2. Minimal investment compare to custom manufacturing allows you to launch new products faster and capitalize on current market trends
  3. The dependability and availability of in-stock ingredients along with packaging components are extremely important to consider to avoid issues with back ordered items especially with the current supply chain interruptions due to the pandemic.

Are you looking to elevate your brand’s current formulas or looking to expand? Trust Europelab for all your private labeling needs. Contact us today to discover our in-stock collections and custom manufacturing options.

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