About Us


Our History

Europelab Laboratory has over 30 years of expertise in formulating premium skin care products offering solutions for all skin concerns. Our state-of-the-art facility is among the few private label laboratories to be certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures).

Our team of world-class chemist, researchers and dermatologists continue to deliver safe, innovative, high-performance formulations to meet current industry trends and standards. Europelab Laboratory offers an in-stock collection of our recommended formulations in addition to providing custom product formulation and manufacturing. Our consultants, marketing and design team along with our skin care specialists, guide you every step of your project from conception to formulation, packaging and shipping. We provide an exclusive service designed for beauty institutes, spas, medspas, destination resorts and all aesthetic professionals.

Our Vision

Europelab Laboratory’s objective is to:

  • Manufacture premium grade, high-performance skin care formulations.
  • Ensure our formulas are developed to the highest manufacturing standards, while respecting the environment.
  • Continuously innovate and develop skin care solutions for all aesthetic professionals.
  • Guide our clients in each step of their project to ensure their success.
  • Become the go-to private label laboratory for quality assurance and experience within the skin care industry.

Our Mission

Europelab is a private label, GMP compliant Laboratory dedicated and committed to offer spas, medspas and aesthetic professionals the opportunity to develop their exclusive skin care brand from cutting-edge, innovative, premium grade formulations.