Sustainability in beauty. Ingredients Sourcing to product packaging

Sustainability in beauty. Ingredients Sourcing to product packaging

Earth Day is every day we inhabit this beautiful planet and is always at the forefront of everything we put into practice. Sustainability should be the primary driving force behind each product that is formulated and launched to market.  A holistic approach to skincare production is more than a no-brainer today is essential.

Manufacturing formulation is the starting point for sustainable practices. To be sure that your skincare follows the best practice in terms of sustainability you should ask the right question.

  • What sustainable practices my lab has adopted in the manufacturing of their formulations?
  • The ingredients sourcing is fair trade and/or organic?
  • What type of certification my lab has as a manufacturer?
  • Do they offer eco-conscious packaging options?

Sustainability begins at the sourcing level of raw materials, active ingredients, extraction method, manufacturing process, including but not limited to, recyclable packaging as well.  A sustainable skincare product should be good for the earth and good for your health.

As an entrepreneur or a future one, you can make strategic decisions by choosing an ECORESPONSIBLE partner and be part of sustainable development with responsible practice. Improving quality of life and environmental conservation is for sure a really strong way to show your tangible contribution.

We are a firm believer and strong ambassador of this holistic approach. It’s with this vision that EuropeLab* offers in-stock collections and custom manufacturing solutions to bring your brand part of this life-cycle of sustainable beauty and skincare for existing and new emerging brands within the industry.

*Europe lab has received the 1st level certification process that was developed and set forth by EcoCert, Health Canada, and the Quebec government.  All of our ingredients are sourced sustainably and responsibly.

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