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  • Imperial White - Spray

    Acne Toner

    Without Alcohol, this treatment is ideal for oily and impure skin prone to acne. Its Soothing and antiseptic properties, helps neutralize and remove all impurities without drying out the skin. This formula helps restore the physiological pH of the skin for a healthy, radiant complexion.

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    Imperial White - Spray

    AHA Toner

    Astringent · Smoothes · Stimulates

    The AHA Toner is specifically recommended for dull skin lacking radiance. Consisting of moisturizing and soothing agents along with lactic acid, this treatment smoothes the skin’s surface and helps conceal the appearance of imperfections. Without alcohol, it is non- drying and fully respects the hydrolipidic film. The complexion appears brighter and instantly more even.

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    Imperial White -Airless Pump

    Gentle Exfoliant

    Exfoliates · Stimulates · Unifies

    This exfoliant perfectly removes dead skin cells providing an instant healthy glow. Ideal for dull complexions, it reduces the appearance of visible surface imperfections such as large pores, redness and shine. From the first application, the skin’s texture is smoother and softer. An ideal treatment to prepare the skin to the next steps of care.

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    Crystal Queen - Oils

    Repair Oil

    Regenerates · Heals · Stimulates

    This restorative oil is ideal for devitalized mature skin, scars and burns. Rich in essential fatty acids and in restructuring ingredients, this treatment stimulates cell renewal for a fully repaired and regenerated skin. Antioxidant and softening, this oil forms a protective veil on the skin’s surface to provide an incomparable softness.

  • Imperial White - Twist Pump

    Retinol Serum

    Exclusive formula that will help reduce the signs of aging. This treatment causes no irritations and is ideal for mature skin presenting signs of aging and/or lacking firmness. Improves skin’s texture for a younger looking skin.