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  • Crystal Queen - Peels

    AHA Chemical Peel

    The AHA Chemical Peel was designed for mature skin. Formulated to be a medium to deep chemical exfoliation, a trilogy of naturally derived acids was selected to allow for all Fitzpatrick skins to be treated. The beautifully designed formula will help reduce the appearance of aging skin for a radiant, more youthful complexion.

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    Imperial White - Foam Pump

    Foaming Cleanser (AHA)

    Cleanses · Exfoliates · Purifies

    An ideal foaming cleanser to gently clean and purify the skin. Enriched with AHA and citrus extracts, this cleansing formula prevents the appearance of blemishes and regulates sebum secretion. Offering a superficial exfoliation, this treatment promotes cell renewal and enhances the texture of the skin. The skin is glowing and the complexion is clearer.

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    Imperial White -Airless Pump

    Gentle Exfoliant

    Exfoliates · Stimulates · Unifies

    This exfoliant perfectly removes dead skin cells providing an instant healthy glow. Ideal for dull complexions, it reduces the appearance of visible surface imperfections such as large pores, redness and shine. From the first application, the skin’s texture is smoother and softer. An ideal treatment to prepare the skin to the next steps of care.