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    Imperial White - Spray

    AHA Toner

    Astringent · Smoothes · Stimulates

    The AHA Toner is specifically recommended for dull skin lacking radiance. Consisting of moisturizing and soothing agents along with lactic acid, this treatment smoothes the skin’s surface and helps conceal the appearance of imperfections. Without alcohol, it is non- drying and fully respects the hydrolipidic film. The complexion appears brighter and instantly more even.

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    Imperial White -Airless Pump


    Nourishes · Softens · Brightens

    This hypoallergenic mask is formulated to suit all skin types including the most sensitive. Its soft, creamy texture evenly spreads on the skin to form a nourishing, moisturizing and soothing veil. After applied for 10 minutes, the face regains its freshness and vitality. This treatment can also be used on the delicate eye contour area for a brighter look.

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    Imperial White - Twist Pump

    Serum Vitamin C

    Antioxidant · Lightens · Smoothes

    This Vitamin C Serum is a highly powerful antioxidant treatment specifically formulated for all skin types, even the most sensitive as an anti-aging treatment. Composed of youth invigorating ingredients, this Vitamin C formula comes from a newly patented technology allowing it to increase its performance in a stable and controlled manner. Pro-collagen, brightening and smoothing, this treatment fills wrinkles and fine lines and reduces age spots. A Vivifying protective formula that reveals day after day, the skin’s youthful beauty.