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  • Crystal Queen - Peels

    Acne Chemical Peel

    This Acne Chemical Peel was designed for oily and impure skin prone to acne. Formulated with A.H.A and B.H.A to perform a medium to deep exfoliation for all Fitzpatrick skins. The beautifully designed formula has antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties to improve the aspect of the skin revealing a healthier, more glowy complexion.

  • Imperial White - Pump

    Acne Cleansing Gel

    The Acne Cleanser is specifically recommended for oily and impure skin prone to acne. Formulated without SLS, this gentle yet effective cleanser designed to remove all impurities. The formula contains a trilogy of ingredients known for their antibacterial, exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties. After 3 weeks of use, the complexion looks visibly clearer and healthier.

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    Imperial White - Pump

    Cleansing Gel

    Bacteriostatic · Cleanses · Normalizes

    This gentle foaming gel effectively cleanses the skin of impurities while respecting its hydrolipidic film. Formulated from prebiotics and Zinc PCA , it restores the balance of the skin’s beneficial microbial flora and normalizes surface sebum. Upon the first use, skin is immediately fresher and cleaner . Its formula is absent of aggressive surfactants ( SLS ) and therefore does not cause irritations and is perfect for sensitive skin.

  • Imperial White - Spray


    The Neutralizer was formulated to be used in conjunction with the chemical peels. Formulated using ingredients recognized for their non-drying, bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory properties.