Men’s personal care

Men’s personal care

As we look at the numbers in June we see that the Men’s personal care category is forecasted to grow by 6 % in the next 5 years. Through our market research, we have noticed a consistent trend that continues in 2021toward functional skincare formulas. If you have yet to capitalize on this niche market, now is the time to diversify in a strategic way.


As men’s and women’s skin differs primarily in the way we age, men naturally produce more sebum which helps to maintain better hydration levels within the skin along with a denser protein structure. Adapted formulas that factor in the needs of men’s skin along with better quality ingredients and natural fragrances are a must for brands to be relevant and cater to the men’s skincare space.


As Leonardo De Vinci said; Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and we incorporate that philosophy into all of our private label formulas and in our consulting process.  With our collections of sulfate-free cleansing gels that double as shaving creams to facial moisturizers that can be used on the face and eyes. EuropeLab can help to curate the perfect functional collection of skincare formulas developed specifically with the needs of men in particular.


Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and discover our curated men’s collection and the EuropeLab difference!

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