Frequently Asked Questions

Private label products are those manufactured by one company for use under another company’s brand. For example, a business can buy spa products in bulk from manufacturers and add its own brand label and box. The name, logo, marketing materials, website, in-store experience, customer service, etc. are all part of branding. All Europelab privately-labeled products are of the highest quality and can be packaged to your specifications.

  • Profit: Lower cost mean higher profit margins for your company.
  • Exclusivity: A private label allows you to create a brand to best reach your target market.
  • Quality: Your company is able to maintain control over sales, marketing, pricing strategies, and distribution.
  • Individuality: By creating a personal image, you will increase brand loyalty and awareness.

There are no minimum on quantities. The opening order must be a minimum of $3000 and any order after that must be a minimum of $500.

If you have your high resolution logo and your product names. Once your artwork approved, you can receive your skin care line within 10 business days. (Certain conditions apply).

Absolutely. Contact our consultants to discuss sampling. Ask for a list of our most recommended formulas. We also support your growing business by offering a Sample Kit.

Yes. All our formulations are paraben, silicone, propylene glycol and mineral oil free. Cleansers are also formulated without SLS (Sodium-Lauryl-Sulfoacetate).

Yes. For the research of new packaging, a fee and a minimum order will apply.

Yes. Certain fees may apply and you must provide the content.

Yes. Depending on the complexity of the formula, the cost may range from $500 to $2000 per formula. For product formulation, a minimum of 1500 units/sku will be the average minimum order requirement depending on the size of the container.

Yes. Our consultants can prepare the forms required.*

* A fee will apply per product formula.  MSDS Forms not available on all formulas. 10 Business days required.