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Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty, Clean Beauty, Non-Toxic Beauty and Green Beauty. What’s the difference?

We need to debunk the opinions and pre-conceived notions about Natural Beauty, Clean Beauty, Non-Toxic Beauty, and Green Beauty. The goal of this article is to understand what we are using on our skin and why? While these three categorical names are often interchanged and used to describe each other, they can be very different depending on the company’s definition. It is essential to read to the INCI list (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) and dive deeper by researching [...]

Exfoliating the skin

Everything you need to know about the latest skin exfoliation trend

Exfoliating the skin is a simple and easy way to restore a radiant glow. We will be discussing how we can navigate this category with confidence and avoid some common mistakes brands have made with exfoliating ingredients. In the skincare industry, we continue to see a pattern of over-exfoliation. How do we know if the trend is suitable for our skin type or condition as so many products are marketed with increasingly high concentrations? Over-exfoliation affects the skin barrier function [...]


Are you looking to navigate the SPF market with confidence?

Choose Europelab for our GMP expertise, quality assurances, and robust testing to bring your brand to the next level of safety and result. Our Organic Day cream is quickly becoming our most requested product due to the current labeling and formulation concerns surrounding SPF. We are proud to offer a broad spectrum SPF 30 for the face, neck, and décolleté that can be certified COSMOS Organic by EcoCert Greenlife. This certification guarantees clean biodegradable ingredients that are reef and waterway [...]

Men’s personal care

As we look at the numbers in June we see that the Men’s personal care category is forecasted to grow by 6 % in the next 5 years. Through our market research, we have noticed a consistent trend that continues in 2021toward functional skincare formulas. If you have yet to capitalize on this niche market, now is the time to diversify in a strategic way.   As men’s and women’s skin differs primarily in the way we age, men naturally produce [...]

Repairing Retinoate

Are you looking to capitalize on the retinol trend but have not found a formula that adapts to all skin types? Europelab has perfected two Retoinate formulas that are multi-functional for all skin types including sensitive skin. The Serum and Cream are ultra lightweight and can be used on their own at night or layered. Retinoate is a molecule that is the product of combining retinol with retinoic acid. This offers a more stable and more effective form of Retinol. [...]

Sustainability in beauty. Ingredients Sourcing to product packaging

Earth Day is every day we inhabit this beautiful planet and is always at the forefront of everything we put into practice. Sustainability should be the primary driving force behind each product that is formulated and launched to market.  A holistic approach to skincare production is more than a no-brainer today is essential. Manufacturing formulation is the starting point for sustainable practices. To be sure that your skincare follows the best practice in terms of sustainability you should ask the [...]